Our Work

Community Consultants work exclusively in the community and voluntary sector with community groups, organisations and agencies who are concerned with this sector.

We carry out social research, meaningful community consultation, evaluation, planning and support work. We believe in the participation of communities in any research, consultation or planning process.

From time to time we collaborate with other companies on large national pieces of work, e.g. UCC, NUIG.

Ethics: We comply with high ethical standards across all of our work, conforming with International Declarations in relation to working with children, youth, minorities and vulnerable people.

Values: Community Consultants aim to work with the following values:

  • Integrity in our work, in all our activities and negotiations with others.
  • Equality in our interactions, which means respect for the myriad of difference that exists in society.
  • Commitment to local and community development, sustainability and co-operative ways of working.

High Standards of Publication: many pieces of our work are published and made widely available to the public. However, internal reports, e.g. evaluation work, while not available to the public, are printed to a high professional standard.